Business users spend 1/3 of their day in email.

Use our Power Tools to win your daily Inbox battle!

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ReFind provides tools to automate the organization of email.

Finally your Inbox can be orgainized today and everday.

Within minutes, ReFind will analyze and fully re-organize your Inbox. No need to create labels or move messages into folders. Select from 15 prebuild organizational styles and ReFind organizes your mail into virtual folders.

Organizational Styles
Be organized without being an organized person

We’ve designed 15 prebuild styles of organization. Each style can be instantly installed and is always up to date. Finally, you can always find what you’re looking for.

Inbox Styles
Dont waste time reading uninportant messages

We’ve designed several Inbox Styles, that let you filter and prioritize the messages your read based on their importance to you and your current needs.

Application Plugins
Dont replace your tools, enhance them

Plugins for Gmail and Outlook enhances your known tools, so there's nothing new to learn.

No Permanent changes
We don’t change your inbox we enhance it

Unlike other solutions, we don’t change the structure of your Inbox or delete any messages. We provide an overlay that can be removed without changing to your Inbox.

Built for Business
Support for Power-users and Enterprises customers

Our Organizational styles, can be customized for different industries and business needs.

Deployment options
Flexible deployment stategies

ReFind’s server can be deployed in the Cloud or within your datacenter. Start small and grow large.


Pricing and Plans



1 Email Account

Gmail Only

12/5 Email Support

1GB Storage

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Small Business


10 Email Accounts

Gmail and Exchange in cloud

12/5 Phone Support

10GB Storage

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Unlimited Accounts

Gmail and Exchange in cloud

Exchange locally hosted

24/7 Paid Support

UnLimited Storage

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